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Nutriversum Pure Gainer Pro – 5 kg / 33 serv


Smart Gainer
86g Carb
46g Protein
10g Creatine

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Product description:


Nutriversum Pure Gainer Pro is a compensation for what you need to gain in a healthy manner.


It’s a high-protein, high-carbohydrate supplement that’s well-known for its mass-building properties.


Creatine blend to reveal its magic on your muscles and daily performance. Protein to increase muscle growth, carbs for energy & training power.


The single-serving of Nutriversum’s Pure Gainer Pro (75 g) contains:


23 g of protein.


45 g of carbohydrates.


4.9 g creatine.


It’s incredibly safe to use, therefore Nutriversum Pure Gainer Pro is ideal for you:


If your body need an additional supply of nutrients.


You train and leave your body vulnerable to tiredness.


You intend to increase your muscle mass.


You don’t have much time during the day to eat substantive meals.


Directions of use:


You can you prepare it using this way:


Mix 75 grams of Nutriversum Pure Gainer Pro powder with 200 ml of water or milk in a shaker or blender, you can add your favourite fruit or chocolate if you prefare.


On workout days, take one scoop after training. Also on resting days take one scoop between meals.


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