(Bad Ass Creatine 300 gm (flavored


About this item

  • Each serving contains as much as 5 g of high-grade creatine blend
  • Monohydrate, malate (TCM), magnesium chelate and hydrochloride – different rates of absorption, various levels of bioavailability, high efficiency of muscle saturation with creatine
  • The use of creatine has a beneficial effect on increasing physical performance during short-term and intense strength and endurance exercises[1,2]
  • Creatine combined with strength training can be helpful in improving exercise capacity or developing muscle mass, among other things[1,3-5]
  • Creatine supplementation may prove important for psychophysical performance by, among other things, supporting cognitive function and enhancing training adaptation[1,6,7]
  • Hassle-free solubility, incredibly refreshing and strongly fruity flavors, zero sugars



5g creatine monohydrate

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